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The advent of technology has made modern-day travel quite faster, yet we can’t deny the fact that the whole process of travelling from one place to the other is riddled with hassles which can easily and unexpectedly ruin your journeying experience. However, that’s exactly what Flyzy–India’s one-of-a-kind futuristic travel app–aims to streamline. The major goal is to make travel, safer, simpler, and free of hassles by offering a host of personalised experiences to the passengers, while offering value propositions to all the stakeholders including the retailers and other service providers who play indirect roles in helping passengers in their travels.
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Flyzy’s founding [hi]story
It all happened in mid 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak, and three young Indian tech geeks – Hansraj Patel, Arjit Singh and Deepak Meena – created an app with a sole motive of provide a seamless and contactless air travelling experience for the passengers during the pandemic. As it turned out, Flyzy not only got the well-deserved recognition by StartUp India (DPIIT) but also received an overwhelmingly positive response from the users. As Flyzy gained more popularity, its creators quickly realised that with the right use of technology, this app can be transformed into a platform which could not only work wonders for the passengers in the ongoing pandemic situation but also in general, especially for the people flying for the first time, or those who aren’t very well-versed with the use of modern technology available for various customer-friendly services.
Well, guess what, Flyzy, right now, is more than just an app that brings several other services, comforts, and benefits to your fingertips, apart from making your air travel simply better.
Why should everyone who travels use Flyzy?
It’s simple; if you wish to make your journeys free of hassles and full of comforts, use Flyzy. The AI-enabled Flyzy app comes packed with several skip-the-queue benefits and awesome features in which passengers can pre-book their favourite meals, suitable lounge types as per their comforts, and even cabs, all at heavy discounts, while avoiding various hassles that otherwise tend to accompany these services. Flyzy app also provides passengers with real-time notifications, weather updates, universal web check-in portal, check-in baggage status, map of the airport, and more, which only make travelling easier and hassle-free.
The Flyzy vision
The team at Flyzy has a firm belief that this platform has a great potential to benefit everyone involved in the travel industry, be it the passengers or the service providers. The app provides end-to-end services at very low infrastructural costs and can therefore make the whole process of journeying from one place to another automated, faster, easier, and more effortless.

Besides, if you’re wondering whether Flyzy can be as great a travel manager for people travelling by rail and road as it is for those who travel by air, then you’re thinking what its creators had been. They, too, didn’t want Flyzy to be limited to air travel as the majority of people travel by rail and road. So, the good news is, Flyzy will soon be available for two more
Why was it named Flyzy?
Interesting question. But as many of you might have guessed it already, Flyzy derived its name from its initial goal; “to make flying easier and better for passengers travelling by air”. It’s just that now, Flyzy is also working towards creating something which is much bigger than making flying easier for you. It’s no mean task, but we’re not relenting until we make it happen. Happy travelling, everyone!
Humans at Flyzy
We are not going to fly a spaceship anytime soon, but we are definitely working with equivalent passion so that Flyzy keeps flying easy.
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Veerabhadra Shastry Marla
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