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Get access to B2B prices for flights, hotels, cabs, tickets, experiences and lot more directly from on ground verified suppliers. Select your domain to view details.

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With Flyzy you can book your flights & hotels at special corporate prices, get real-time updates on your phone, and enjoy discounts on all services.

Flyzy provides maximum transparency in the segment, where you can monitor your expenses on travel in detail.

Yes, We do organize and manage the corporate events.

Yes, you can cancel and modify without cancellation via your key account manager.

Flyzy accepts various payment methods such as UPI, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, EMI, and Net Banking.

Yes. Flyzy and its partners comply with industry standards to protect our client's data.

Flyzy is compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) and PDPB (Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019) so the clients' data is secure.

Flyzy handles cancellations or delays with our real-time monitoring tools, rebooking arrangements and 24/7/365 days customer service support. Lost bags can be traced with its ai-assistance help in complaining/reporting the lost luggage.

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